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Hatha Yoga

All physical forms of yoga practice are "hatha" yoga, bringing together breath and movement that will strengthen, open, balance and harmonize one's body-mind. Self- awareness, inside and out, is cultivated. A variety of asanas ("seats"/poses) are learned and practiced, both standing and seated. Breath awareness is an essential part of all hatha yoga practices. Upper levels (II-III) include learning how/when to engage bandhas and learning many types of pranayama and their purposes.

Vinyasa Yoga

Involves rhythmic movement from one yoga asana ("seat"/pose) to another, co-ordinated with rhythmic breathing. This style of yoga will challenge your endurance, make you sweat, and often includes a "mala" (garland) of movement: a sequence of poses such as "high plank, low plank, up-dog, down-dog" repeated frequently between other movement flows. Vinyasa yoga classes are not appropriate for those new to yoga, as some skill and knowledge of basic poses and breath awareness is required to be safe in practicing this style.


This is Kristy Logan's unique creation, blending vinyasa yoga and dance. Kristy was a professional modern dancer, dance instructor and professional grant-funded choreographer for many years before becoming a yogini and yoga instructor. This is a natural outgrowth of her years of experience, skill and passion in both dance and yoga. You will move fully in this class, on the mat and off, with variations on traditional yoga poses and sequences blended with dance movement and music. You will journey creatively in your body-mind as you dance your yoga. (Though dance experience is not necessary to take this class, you must be at least a Level I-II vinyasa yoga practitioner).

Yin Yoga

A quiet practice in which postures are held for several minutes to stretch connective tissue within muscles and joints. Appropriate for all levels, connective tissue shrinks as we age and can lead to less mobility and strength, more stiffness and low energy. Don't let it happen to you!

Pilates Mat and Stretch

Who doesn't want the long, lean muscles and flexibility associated with dancers, gymnasts and other graceful athletes? In this class, you will learn classic and contemporary pilates exercises that help you achieve them. Though focused on strengthening your core, pilates exercises also build tone and flexibility through your entire body. The result is improved posture, healthier functioning in everyday movements, improved balance and co-ordination, and the core support for many sports and performance arts.

Yoga for Complete Beginners, Really!

This is a 3-class series for anyone who has wanted to try a yoga class and never has. Come experience the benefits of yoga practice from the very first session and learn poses and breathing exercises from the ground, up. Wear comfortable clothing you can move in. Yoga is practiced with bare feet. Bring a mat if you have one, or use one of Water Lily's. Yoga is an enjoyable practice that helps you become healthy and relaxed.

Yoga for Strengthening Your Back

Is your back making you feel older than you really are? Is spinal stiffness, soreness or prior injury keeping you from enjoying mundane and athletic activities? This special, 4-class series will help put some spring back into your step and a smile back on your face! You will learn yoga exercises to strengthen and stretch your neck, upper back and arms; strengthen your stomach to support your lower back; and learn safe ways to increase flexibility in your spine. You will also stretch and strengthen your legs, and feel the benefits of yogic deep breathing. Kristy Logan, course instructor, and Dr. David Abblett, chiropractor (Click here Link to his website), developed this class together

Private Lessons

Kristy Logan is available by appointment for private lessons in yoga, pilates mat, and choreography. Each lesson is a minimum of one hour, the cost is $75.00 per hour. A 24 hour cancellation policy applies. Contact her by phone or e-mail at waterlilystudio@mindspring.com.


Level I:suitable for beginners/newcomers to yoga/exercise
Level I-II:suitable for those moving from the beginner to intermediate level
Level II-III:suitable for those moving from intermediate to advanced level

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